Advocacy Media

We help your organization with audio-visual productions to catalyze your programs as engines of progress and social cohesion. We develop media tools to enhance your programs and broaden their social impact.

Video brings what you do to life. It is a powerful way to establish an emotional tone and take people where they can’t otherwise go (the field) to expose the important value of your work.

A well-presented video message has the capacity to reach beyond the physical senses to engage our emotions, ignite us to a call to action, and inspire us to share.

We develop communication strategies and produce awareness campaigns and video documentaries to communicate the valuable impact of your programs. Read more

African Media Formats

We are committed to developing locally produced television formats that inform and inspire citizens to choose in freedom their path of development and hold their representatives to account, without fear or prejudice. The programs have a significant impact in terms of enhanced accountability and transparency on political, economic and social issues that affect the lives and wellbeing of common Africans.

We believe that media in Africa should reflect the struggles, joys, hopes and challenges of the people themselves. Television programs do not only entertain, but also have an important information function such as raising equitable development and balancing the difference between genders, ethnic groups, urban and rural societies, etc.

Media for Social Progress

Media for Social Progress describes our work as well as the network that we have launched of professionals that are passionate about the power of media to address social issues and generate social impact.

We are committed to building a powerful network of people who change the world for the better through media, whether we are development professionals, academics, video producers or advocacy campaign specialists.

From civil society to the private sector, we work to generate maximum social impact through the use of media. We’re empowering people with access to information, platforms to discuss the issues affecting their lives and providing an import voice to those who are seldom heard.

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